COVID-19 Update

Despite this challenging time, Rubberatkins remains open for business and will continue to process orders. We have implemented more stringent health precautions in our offices around the world in order to take care of the safety of our employees. You can contact either and/or your relevant account manager for any enquiries or order updates.

Research & Development

The Rubberatkins Research and Development team has a fully integrated conceptual design programme that includes internal material development, industry leading non-linear finite element analysis (FEA) and extreme physical part testing capability.

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Concept Design

Rubberatkins prides itself in its ability to create elastomeric solutions in the oilfield’s most difficult environments. When you challenge the boundaries of what is possible you require innovative solutions. Our combination of youth and experience allows us to create and explore new ideas designed to suit your individual needs.

Finite Element Analysis

Rubberatkins uses FEA software to optimise the initial design stage and to troubleshoot any problems which arise. This helps to reduce development cycle times and prevents long drawn out projects.

We ensure maximum accuracy by performing in-house testing of the specific materials

With FEA we are able to:

  • Understand the deformation of elastomers
  • Improve selection of the correct material for individual applications
  • Optimise component design prior to cutting steel tooling
  • Evaluate design issues
  • Redesign existing components to overcome known problems
  • Import all standard CAD export files for analysis
  • Utilise our in-house materials testing facilities to model linear & non-linear behaviour

Computer Aided Design

Rubberatkins uses CAD software to create part and assembly models along with engineering drawings, enabling quick response and reduced lead times.

Product Testing

Testing a new product can be an expensive and time-consuming process.  Having a failure while the product is in use is even worse.  Rubberatkins tests products in-house in to prove their performance, to negate the need for further testing or to reduce the expense and risk of complete product testing.

Our testing includes:

  • Testing in accordance with ISO14310:V3
  • Testing in accordance with ISO14310:V0
  • Test up to 30,000psi
  • Temperatures up to 650⁰F (343⁰C)
  • Multi- Cycle Testing
  • Individually tailored test procedures to represent real-world conditions
  • Full SCADA system to control, monitor and record tests.
  • Expertise in analysing results and redesigning accordingly
  • 5 separate test cells to carry out multiple tests

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